Good recruiter vs GREAT recruiter – what’s the difference?

What makes the difference between a “good recruiter” vs a “great recruiter”?

Tune in as Erika explains how our candidate fact-finding process set us apart from the good and into the great!

At Platinum People Group, we are a deep niche recruitment specialist in the Mortgage Broking Sector. We prioritize quality over quantity and put value in the finer details that others may miss.

We operate differently from your everyday recruiter, starting at the very beginning of your candidate recruitment journey.

Operating under a highly detailed and tried and tested methodology to make sure we place candidates in the right job for them. It’s never about filling a role for us. Our job is helping others find and obtain the job of their dreams, or finding a role that supports them in their big-picture values.

Our fact-finding system

In a fact-finding session with us, we strive to uncover what’s actually most important to you, both personally and professionally. Taking the time to explore and discuss your:

  • current situation
  • driving motivators
  • genuine 3-5 year plan
  • non-negotiables
  • experience and expertise

Helping us to gain invaluable insight on your situation, what you’re looking for and what you might be suited to. We are thrilled to put our attention and time into where it’s needed most – investing in YOU.

Contact us for a free, no-obligation chat and find out for yourself what takes us from good, to great!