A good attitude will take you far in business.


You’re going for the job of your dreams. Matching the ideal criteria you click ‘apply’ with excitement. “Pick me!”, you think. “I’ve hit everything on the list”.

You know
the list? The required set of technical skills or years of experience listed on a job ad? Prerequisites covering education, software, titles and years?

Yes, we all know and value the list! But we also all know, meeting those requirements isn’t all it takes to land the role. 

So you’ve got the skills?

Ticking all the boxes on a foundational level, you’ll be among a list of viable candidates. Talented individuals who have met the very same entry requirements you have. And while some skills and years of experience may vary, it can be hard to see what sets you apart.

It can be daunting! Especially if you feel your skills or experience might not be as vast as others. But don’t let that thought discourage you for a second! 

Luckily, we know the secret. And we’re here to reassure and share with you how a good attitude can help you stand out from the crowd.

What sets a good attitude apart from experience or technical skills?


It’s all about that heart drive! 

Never be afraid to let employers hear your passion for a certain job or role. Show them that you’re invested on a more personal level and share with them your excitement. With passion and the hunger to succeed, your ambition will win over someone who has lost the spark any day.

be passionate about what you do


Attitude over aptitude.

With the right attitude and enough effort, most new skills can be taught and mastered quickly. Improving someone’s attitude however is often harder and more time-consuming.

Aptitude and expertise will fall short if backed by a negative attitude. With most managers opting for a willingness to learn over someone who is set on ‘knowing it all’. Adaptability and a positive mindset will forever set you apart.


Because team spirit shouldn’t need to be listed.

Great work culture is every business’s dream, as the right culture breeds productivity. No employer will ever negatively disrupt their team synergy willingly. Knowing that building a good work culture takes time. In recruitment, the ability for new hires to fit or enhance the existing dynamic is a huge factor.

An ill match can affect a team’s productivity. So while ‘team spirit’ is often not listed in the prerequisites. Those with a good attitude and a willingness to embrace a team environment will often shine out and above the rest. 

team spirit in the office


“Bring it on” is a ‘can-do’ statement.

Motivated individuals are often also described as self-starting, ambitious and inspiring. They’re able to self-motivate and drive their own projects. Are eager and focused on achieving great results and, often even motivate others. A work ethic second to none, those with a ‘can-do attitude, are a blessing to any work environment. 

Show that you’re willing to put in the time and effort and that you have the drive to back it. As stated, most skills can be taught – it’s the attitude behind it all that makes or breaks it. Stand out from the crowd by letting your good traits shine!


Feel like you’ve got the right attitude but aren’t sure how to make it shine at the entry stages? That’s where our team of specialised recruitment consultants come in! 

Our team are here to help you put your best foot forward. With access to opportunities you might not otherwise find. We help candidates with a good attitude find their ideal match. Letting you shine from the get-go.

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