Employees are now the focus of the modern workplace. A new era of work standards is forming as new workplace culture values are taking place. Company culture is improving as individuals feel more heard, seen and appreciated for what they bring to the team. 

But what workplace culture values are most in demand? We’ve managed to pinpoint it down to 9 core traits. Sought after by businesses when looking for candidates and via employees when reviewing what makes their workplace culture great.

9 Workplace Culture Values that are in High Demand

Agility as a workplace culture

The ability to adapt (quickly) to changes and work with the flow. 

Agility as a workplace culture allows for a less stressful environment. People that can adapt are more welcoming to change and are less likely to make waves with each new process. Making collaboration easier, and more enjoyable for all. Fostering an inclusive workplace and a more productive solution-finding process to obstacles that arise.

Execution – The finishing touch

The devil is in the details, and success is in the execution.

People who value execution as a workplace culture see the value in being driven to succeed. Collaboratively and as an individual, execution is the desire to complete a project or task to totality. 

Employers love this as no corners are cut, and the result is often high-value and well-thought-out. Teams who honour this together have greater success and breed a better sense of empowerment in their role.

Diversity in the workplace is a must

Celebrate the differences and unite in your individuality!

Once suppressed, diversity in the workplace is now one of the highest sought work cultures. Diversity, combined with inclusion and respect, creates a space where everyone can feel a part of something bigger. It opens doors to more opportunities and welcomes a new way of thinking. 

Diversity in the workplace expands into race, religion, culture, age, sex, ability and many other core individualistic traits. Businesses that aren’t welcoming diversity into the workplace are snuffing out what makes people great before they’ve even begun.


Collaboration is where it’s at

We’ve all heard the corny term “teamwork makes the dream work”.

Corny, yes. But true? 100%! Without the ability to collaborate, a team will fail. Collaboration is where the magic happens. 

A workplace that puts value on collaboration will far surpass those who look to individuals for the heavy lifting any day. Employees feel this and will often seek an environment where they feel broadly supported in this way. Collaboration also allows for greater creativity among teams as ideas spark and grow off one another. Expanding innovation and uniting those involved.

Integrity for all

Everyone wants to feel like they’re a part of something great. 

Companies and people who lead with integrity often attract alike. And people operating with integrity tend to be more honest and driven to create a positive impact. Who wouldn’t want that!?

Placing value on integrity as a workplace culture sets the expectation that everyone is responsible for their actions and outcomes. Encouraging a higher standard while setting the supportive foundations needed when obstacles arise.

A workplace that values integrity places importance on owning one’s mistakes respectfully. While nurturing the ability to learn and develop (as opposed to shrugging responsibility.


Innovation leads to greatness

Greatness starts here, with a thought and the willingness to chase it.

The ability to innovate as an individual, team or business is crucial. Without innovation, progress halts. Development slows, and aspirations become stagnant.

Innovation is the key to newer, better and greater things. While not a trait everyone possesses naturally – it’s a cultural value that workplaces should embrace to grow. 

A team with an innovative focus unites collaboratively and creatively to think outside the box. Generating new ideas that can help to bring the business forward. Employers who embrace innovation also tend to be more on trend with candidate demands. Embracing desires like WFH and flexible hours and turning them into a win-win scenario for the company and its staff. Happy employees are documented to be more productive, ultimately feeding the cycle of success.

 A Customer First Mentality

Prioritising customer satisfaction is at the core.

Businesses today understand the integral part their consumers (customers/clients) play. Customer satisfaction is everything, and with Google reviews and other related review platforms at everyone’s fingertips, making a good impression has never been more crucial to a business’s success.

A customer-first mentality is an ability for both employers and employees to put themselves in another’s shoes and act to resolve obstacles accordingly. A type of empathy almost, this cultural trait stems from the way businesses treat their employees and vice versa. 


Respect is a two-way street.

Every employee and employer wants to feel respected in their role and as an individual. Along with integrity and diversity, this workplace cultural value is somewhat of a modern appreciation.

While respect towards an employer has always been demanded, it has only in more recent years been viewed as a two-way street. With employees demanding the same in return. 

Respect comes in many forms though predominately from admiration and/or understanding. 


Performance In and Out

Achievements earned and achievements completed.

A performance culture works hard, excels frequently and always celebrates the wins along the way.

Rewarding achievements and acknowledging performance outside of a competitive scope, a performance workplace culture is driven to succeed together. Valued by employees who feel more seen and appreciated and by employers who witness the results. Embracing the highs and lows that come with the process and leading by example.

While there are many workplace culture values, in 2022, these are the nine we’ve seen in the highest demand. As an employee, employer or job seeker – it’s worth reflecting on these values and analysing what you can bring to the table. What workplace culture values are you already embracing, and in what areas do you have room to grow? Your success could lay in narrowing the gap!

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