December 2022 Recruitment Update – 

Worried that the current cash rate and the state of the economy will be impacting hiring? Tune in as Roland shares insight on all things recruitment and the mortgage broking industry for December 2022.

In the last of this year’s monthly updates, Roland dives into the current affairs faced in recruitment. Both from a business and candidate perspective (don’t worry – it’s not actually all doom and gloom!).  Discover what positions are still showing immense growth and learn what areas may temporarily be slowing down.

Join in as Roland reflects on the year as a whole and shares some of the wins, both personal and professional, PPG has experienced over 2022.

Stay looking forward as we head into 2023 with you, our clients and our candidates, at the front of our minds. Contact us now to book in a free, 30-minute business or career consultation and ensure your professional ducks are all in a row heading into 2023!

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