Getting a health check on your model


As a Mortgage broker, you’ve probably recommended that a client gets a review on their home loan. More likely, you’ve recommended it more than once. 6 months to annually even? It’s exceptionally sound advice, and that’s why we’re encouraging Mortgage Brokers to take it too! Applying the same sound basis but to their current job model.

Why get a health check on your career?

Simple answer – why not!?

With a tonne of reasons for and, and nil to none against, we’re backing the saying “you don’t know what you don’t know” and encouraging employees to take a look at the bigger picture. 

People have different lifestyles, beliefs, and aspirations. So when it comes to employment, people will often value different things in a role. Whether that be; a more salary-focused model, a winning team culture, a clearer career progression path, work-life balance, or the ability to receive additional support – all model priorities will be different! 

A health check on your current model does a deep dive into these values to assess the alignment of your position. With the reassurance that if we uncover that you’re already in a great model – we’ll be the first ones to congratulate you!

A health check on your model also allows you to get a broader overview of where you are comparatively. As the job market is ever-changing and flux with new opportunities, it’s an opportunity to ensure you avoid becoming stagnant in a sea of possibility. A model review lets you compare what other opportunities out there could be suited to you, and helps you scope out where you are and where you might want to be.

A model review is free and confidential, with the added bonus that there’s nothing to lose! At the minimum, a review will put your mind at ease, providing you with confirmation that you’re already in the best position for you!

Why Review with PPG?

Specialist recruiters, with over 11 years of experience in the third-party mortgage broking sector. Platinum People Group has a history built on integrity. Here to assist people to find their dream career or role, we’re not interested in placing someone in just any job. 

Instead, we set out to ensure any placement is the right one for you. Going to lengths to uncover as much as we can about you and your values. To find a role and model that best aligns. Building our reputation on discovering what our candidates value most in a job and helping them to find that perfect match.

Platinum People Group, led by managing director, Roland Youakim, has been recruiting in this space for over a decade. Witnessing all the changes and trends in the market and building sound practices to benefit those looking for a new role or employee. 

A free model review with PPG is a golden opportunity for you to speak with an industry-specific recruiter confidentially, to get insight into what the market is looking like today. You’ll be able to assess what potential positions are out there (that perhaps you never knew existed) and get to look into some alternative remuneration models. Gaining invaluable insight as to how other businesses may operate and allowing you to best review your current position.


Much like you encourage your clients to review their home loans, a PPG free model review is simply that. A free chance to review, compare and make informed decisions moving into the next quarter, or chapter of your career. Maybe you’ll discover there are roles or models available that can cater to more of your values than you thought was feasible. Or maybe you’ll confirm you’re right where you belong. Either way, you don’t know what you don’t know – get discovering today by completing the quick form in this link, or by contacting one of our recruitment specialists.