September 2021 Recruitment Update

Diving into the world of Recruitment and the Mortgage Broking industry, this month is all about gratitude and resilience. Tune in as Roland shares insight on how despite lockdowns being in place across large chunks of Australia, in particular Melbourne and Sydney, businesses continue to boom and grow.

With a lot of career opportunities coming from Sydney as they adapt to the new remote landscape, we’re seeing a lot of exciting aggregator, BDM, National, and PAYG broker roles become available.

Watch this short video as Roland runs through the trends he’s seeing emerge and the opportunities that are becoming available. Absorb a little gratitude and good vibes into your days with this month’s Recruitment Industry Update.

Ready to grab one of these opportunities and take your career to the next level? Are you a budding business ready to grow and embrace this challenging (but exciting!) market? We’re here to help! Contact Us to find out how.

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