The benefits of undertaking a graduate/entry-level position


Whether you’re a student just finishing up your uni degree, an individual that’s new to the workforce, or someone who’s switching career paths and looking to get a foot in the door – the benefits of undertaking a graduate or entry-level position are priceless.

From connections formed to personalised training and tailored resources, graduate programs support you on your journey. 

Gain insight into the benefits with our top 5 win-wins

Graduate/Entry-level programs offer progression pathways

Starting essentially from scratch to help build candidates up, companies that opt for graduate programs are generally in it for the long haul. 

Committing to you as a graduate and to your progression. Companies that invest their time and resources into fostering talent in-house are dedicated to your ongoing success and growth. Understanding that the real rewards lie in that progression, their resources are often devoted to ensuring you are trained and supported from day dot.

While in many companies the chance for career progression can be a struggle, graduate and entry-level roles are designed with clear progression paths mapped out in advance. Ensuring your success from entry to elevation and beyond!

Graduate and Entry-level roles can bring a sense of fulfilment

A graduate program will often provide a plan for grads/entry-level candidates that detail how they can progress. Offering clear action steps that map out where candidates are going and milestones they can tick off along the way.

These structured plans help to provide participants with realistic and achievable goals. Providing a huge sense of fulfilment as they noticeably progress through the steps. Marking off their successes and celebrating the wins along the way.

Where these steps are normally self-initiated by employees, a graduate program incorporates this into the process and sets employees up for greater success in future. Setting healthy foundational practices early on while receiving the support and acknowledgement needed to take their careers to the next level.


Graduate/Entry-level roles are still a J.O.B

While not always offering the same remuneration as other roles, graduate and entry-level roles are still paid positions. 

And while, straight after uni, you might be able to land a place that pays a better starting salary, you would be exceptionally hard pressed to find a role that offers the same value in education, upskilling, progression pathways and support.

Graduate and entry-level programs are designed with your progression at the front of mind. Offering the opportunity to upskill far beyond your starting point, grad roles often place you in a far better position when it comes to progressing into the next step of your career. 

As most companies use a graduate program to foster talent from the ground up in-house, graduate roles are often a faster and more efficient way to move up the ranks within a company. Ultimately, allowing you to earn more faster than you could otherwise.

Better than just a paying “job”, a graduate program focuses on your CAREER opportunities. 

For more on the differences between the two, check out this article we wrote: The differences between a job and a career

Graduate programs and entry-level roles offer stability

As you progress in the world, you’ll fast uncover the importance of stability. A stable and reliable income, paid holidays (i.e annual leave) and sick leave are perks you would predominately only find in a full-time role. 

A graduate role offers you the stability needed to flourish with the training needed to get there.

While most job ads call for 2-5+ years of experience for their junior* role before you can get anywhere close to finding the level of stability desired, a graduate program provides the much-needed opportunity for those new to the industry to get a foot in the door.

*The dreaded cycle of; you need the experience, to get the experience needed to get the experience.

Graduate/Entry-level roles can be a great networking opportunity

Being immersed in a company from the ground level up is a unique and exciting opportunity for candidates to increase their network quickly.

Networking can fast expand your industry knowledge and put you in a great position in future as you’ll have a broader base of connections.

More connections simply lead to more opportunities. And while you’ll build a strong network over your career, the ability to kickstart it early on is nothing to skip over.


Graduate and entry-level benefits are considered a ‘win win’ as every win for the candidate is also a direct win for the company hiring. They want you to succeed because when you do, they do too!

As you can imagine, the benefits of these roles go far beyond the scope of the above five points. And while we don’t have the time or space to document it all here, our team are always excited to discuss the possibilities on offer. 

Contact us to see what graduate or entry-level roles we might have available. Kickstart your career by applying for a graduate or entry-level position. 

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