A challenge quite unlike anything else…

Join Roland as he shares the details of an extreme challenge he and a friend have set themselves. A challenge like no other all in the name of an incredible cause. This challenge will push Roland to his absolute limits both physically and mentally. Why would he proceed then? Tune in to hear directly from Roland on what he’s doing but more importantly why and who for.

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The WHY, the WHAT, the WHO and the WHEN.

Why this challenge?

One woman has been killed nearly every week in the context of domestic and family violence, over the past 10 years in Australia. On average, that’s 52 women A YEAR. Enough is enough! This challenge is a step toward a brighter future for these women and their families. Those seeking refuge and support need somewhere to go and organisations that provide this support need funding. By working towards such a hard goal, Roland is hope to inspire generosity and to ultimately hit a fundraising target of ten thousand dollars. Every dollar of which will go directly to Safe Steps (Victoria). A local not-for-profit supporting those needing a way out of domestic violence.

What is the challenge?

To raise funds to support Safe Steps and ultimately the women and families in need of this organisation’s assistance. Setting out to raise $10,000, all of which will go directly to Safe Steps and the work they do to support these families. To inspire donations and demonstrate the intensity of the issue, Roland and a close friend will be completing the Thousand Steps, 52 times, in a row. Zero sleep and over two gruelling days. This challenge will be a complete test to their abilities, mentally and physically. They’ve committed themselves to the challenge though, honouring that this challenge is nothing to what these women endure and noting if it helps raise the funds needed – then it’s worth every. Single. Step.

Who are Safe Steps?

In short, Safe Steps is the only 24/7, family violence response centre in Victoria, providing a statewide entry point for victim-survivors of domestic and family violence. Providing a range of services including a 24/7 crisis phone line, safety planning, risk assessments, emotional and material support, advocacy and more. A nonprofit organisation, Safe Steps are committed to ensuring all women and children are able to live free from abuse.

To learn more about this incredible organisation and the work they do, head to: https://www.safesteps.org.au/

When will the challenge take place?

NOVEMBER 12/13. Due to the extreme physical labour and intensity of the challenge, two whole days have been set aside to complete it. Roland and his close friend will be working throughout the night. Non-stop with no sleep. A true labour of love. This challenge represents the intense passion Roland has for the work this organisation does and his care for those who are in its need.

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Every dollar counts and every contribution is given directly to Safe Steps. Funnelling directly into their Virginia’s Place project. See here for insight on where your contribution will be going and what it will help to achieve: Virginia’s Place, a place to catch your breath. – YouTube