Growth Mindset provides freedom, while a Fixed Mindset can be limiting. Utilizing the power of a growth mentality can be essential for career success.

With the assistance of an article by James Clear and the research explored in the book “Mindset” by Carol S Dweck, we explore the differences between the two mindsets and how you can harness a growth mindset to better your career.

Growth Mindset VS Fixed Mindset 

What’s a Growth Mindset?

A more opportunistic way of thinking, a growth mindset embraces challenges and reflects on effort as a part of the journey.

A growth mindset enables individuals to develop and enhance skills as they believe knowledge and intelligence are something you can learn. With an open mind and a never give up attitude, those who embrace a growth mindset tend to learn from criticism, are inspired by others’ success and can help and nurture others.

They believe in the possibilities available and therefore can convert obstacles into opportunities to create something better for themselves.

What’s a Fixed Mindset?

Individuals with a fixed mindset tend to view the world through tinted glasses. Believing intelligence is something you either have or don’t have, their negative perceptions often see them in a self-fulfilling negative spiral. 

Those with a fixed mindset tend to avoid taking on challenges or give up easily. They’re highly self-critical and often see exerting effort as pointless.

Quick to disregard criticism, those with a fixed mindset will often struggle to flourish as their mind remains closed off to opportunities and lessons learned. Resentful of the success of others, they tend to criticize and judge others to shift blame, compensating for their own limiting beliefs. 

Argumentative in response to their limitations, a fixed mindset leaves very little room for personal and professional growth.

The Good News

While you may naturally lean towards one mindset over the other, these behavioural patterns aren’t locked in stone. With time and work, individuals can shift their mindset and in turn enhance their ability to embrace the challenges that come with the process of progress.

While living with a fixed mindset may see you doubting this, we can guarantee that the professional and personal rewards are well worth the effort.

To explore the benefits and process of A Growth Mindset further, check out this incredible presentation by Carol Dweck at Talks With Google


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