Are a job and a career the same thing? While many might say yes, we’ve dived deeper to reveal what we feel are the key differences between the two. 

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The core differences between a job and a career


What’s a job?

Got bills? You need a job. Something that will provide you with a salary to make ends meet. That’s pretty much all it is. You go, you put in your time, perhaps upskill a little with base training, you go home, get paid, rinse and repeat. 

Often, a job will require little to no certifications or professional degrees. They’re thought of as more of a short term commitment and aren’t always something an individual takes pride in. 

A job will often have less social weight behind it and provide less sway on your future opportunities. With little room to network or progress, a job is a means to an end. An hourly wage in exchange for time.

A job can be seen as a trip instead of a journey or as a tool as opposed to a trade. However, with the right attitude, a job can also be seen as a stepping stone towards a career…


What’s a career? And how’s it different from a job? 

In comparison to a job, a career is often about more than just money. It’s a long term goal, chased with drive and ambition. A career aligns with an individual’s “purpose”. It’s something that resonates and aligns with their values, and makes them feel like they are part of something bigger!

While not necessarily an easier path, a career is often reflected on as more rewarding. A journey worth travelling, with a story worth telling.

In a career, you often train/study within a specific field. Dedicating a portion of your life to pursuing a certain outcome or role. Above financial reward, a career is often the exchange of time/skill for ambition and personal satisfaction.

With multiple remuneration levels/funnels and development paths as you progress, a career rewards your efforts and encourages professional growth. Providing great networking opportunities and facilitating lifelong learning. 

While a job is all some people want, it’s helpful to recognise the differences between the two. Review which category you’re in and more importantly, where you want to be. 

If you’re seeking a career but are currently ‘stuck in a job’, you’re not alone. Reframe your mind and use the above as a guide to transforming your circumstance into a stepping stone. Reach out to us today to discuss your career path opportunities.