Recruiting in 2022 within the Mortgage Broking Industry?

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The last two years have seen a marked shift in the employment market, talent acquisition and candidate sentiment. As a result, recruitment strategies have had to adapt to; new models of work, the demand for different skill sets and how to best appeal to top talent.

How well do you know the current market? Put your recruitment knowledge to the test with this fun yet informative little quiz.

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While there’s always room for improvement, your results show you’ve been paying attention to the wants and needs in the shifting market. Congratulations!

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Don’t feel too bad – the market has shifted a LOT over the last few years. It can be tricky to keep up to date and in the know.

Take this as an opportunity to re-evaluate your current recruitment strategy and review how you might attract or retain candidates better in the current market.

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#1. Is remuneration within the top 3 drivers for candidates seeking new employment in 2022?

#2. What percentage of candidates are actively seeking a workplace that is diverse and inclusive?

#3. What percentage of loans are currently written by brokers?

#4. What percentage of candidates are seeking a hybrid or fully remote workplace?

#5. What percentage of candidates evaluate a brand before applying for a role?


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