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PPG’s favourite podcasts – some recommendations from our lovely team for you to check out!

PPG’s Favourite Podcasts

1. The imperfects

The Imperfects, hosted by The Resilience Project, is a favourite amongst the team and something we have incorporated in our team weekly meetings/training. 

The Imperfects is a podcast about how perfectly imperfect we all are and how that’s perfectly perfect! It’s a reminder for our team to be kinder to ourselves (and to each other) and is a great source of inspiration and continued learning.

Touching on topics of personal and professional development, The Imperfects podcast brings on a range of speakers to share their thoughts and experiences. 

Keen to check it out? Head to The Resilience Project

2. The Health Code Daily 

The Health Code Daily reminds listeners to take time for themselves, to keep happy and stay focused. On this podcast, they talk about all things health, fitness, and lifestyle. Sharing simple tips on motivation, staying active and being thoughtful throughout your day. 

The Health Code Daily podcast episodes are quick and easy to digest, ranging from 5-minute episodes to 20-minute episodes. It’s perfect to tune into during your daily commute or evening stroll. 

Plugging into this podcast gets the team amped up to create positive change in their lives through simple enough, healthy habits.

Tune in and get active with The Health Code Podcast

3. No Stupid Questions 

It’s all in the title with this one and as an inquisitive bunch, the team at ppg can’t get enough of it!

As the title states, there’s no such thing as stupid questions, which is how the podcast came to be. Run and presented by research psychologist, Angela Duckworth and economist author, Stephen J. Dubner. No Stupid questions addresses the research and thoughts behind submitted audience questions. 

Learn something new with No Stupid Questions

4. Teamistry

Teamistry is all about the chemistry between groups of people who team up to achieve more than they ever thought possible. As a group of people striving to do just that – team PPG resonates with this podcast and loves the insights gained. 

Interesting and educational, Teamistry by ATLASSIAN’S PODCASTS will challenge and delight your thinking process. Challenging you to view things through a whole new perspective to unearth what’s possible by working together.

Hear for yourself! Teamistry by ATLASSIAN’S PODCASTS 


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