What is a mortgage broker? What do they do? And what kind of business structures do they work under?

Tune in for episode three of our new mini educational series and learn all about mortgage brokers and what they do.


Understanding that even within the immediate industry, there’s some confusion around various job titles and roles, PPG has set out to create a mini educational to close the knowledge gap. Offering guidance on some of the most common roles they recruit for within the Mortgage Broking and Third Party Banking sector.

In this episode, Roland shares a high-level overview of the operations managed by Mortgage Brokers. Also know as a Finance Broker or a Loan Writer, Mortgage Brokers are unsurprising at the core of all Mortgage Broking businesses.

Whether specialising in residential home loans or in asset lending or commercial spaces, Mortgage Brokers work closely with their clients to discover what they want and need financially. Resolving to discover the best paths available to them to achieve the next steps.

Driven by fact-finding procedures, a Mortgage Broking role often entails; Researching lending products, budget analysis, customer support and lodgements.


Watch the whole video for greater insight and learn the ins and outs of what a Mortgage Broker role could hold.


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