What. A. Year. (Again!)
2021, where to begin with you!?

We’ve survived (and thrived!) through yet another year of lockdowns, restrictions, zoom meetings and uncertainty.


Breaking the world record that nobody wanted (ever), Melbourne, the home of PPG and its team, exited its 6th lockdown in October 2021. Totalling 262 days of lockdown since March 2020. 

While operating within such restrictions is never easy, the team took it in their stride. Embracing virtual celebrations (thank goodness for delivery!) and taking the opportunity to refresh and come back stronger! Implementing new operations into the business to better support and nurture one another, streamlining existing procedures and enhancing general operations across the board!

We’ve welcomed some new faces 

Introducing Erika Tan in January 2021 and fast-growing to onboard Dat Dao in June. The PPG team has continued to evolve throughout the year, most recently welcoming our two newest recruits, Nyree and Neva in November.

We’ve dug deep and reached new goals! 

More determined than ever to support our community, we continued to run online educational webinars (like our “How to Enhance Your Mortgage Broking Career” Q&A with Nick Reilly and Nathan Taddeo) and launched a few new educational mini-series as well. Including our monthly industry recruitment updates with Roland.

Stepping it up (literally), we also set out to raise $1500 for MOVEmber this year. Raising much-needed funds to support men’s physical and mental wellbeing. 

Starting with a goal of 60 km each, for what was the 4 of us at the time. The team was thrilled to excel beyond, concluding with a collective 268 km and a total of $1600 raised!! 

Once again, a massive kudos to everyone who dug deep to donate after such a rough couple of years! For those who may still wish to donate, the Movember Foundation accepts donations year-round.

We’ve relocated and refocused. 

Expanding our service offerings to best cater to our clients and candidates in an ever-evolving market. We’ve created a graduate recruitment program to open the doors of opportunity to a broader pool of candidates.

While this new service is still in the early stages, we’ve seen immense interest from both sides and are beyond excited to roll out the program officially in 2022!

Most importantly, we’ve come together. 

In-person, online and within the community. We’ve given priority to mental health and general wellbeing. Adding meditation to our Monday team meetings, embracing wellness days when needed and enjoying face-to-face moments wherever we can. Grateful for the opportunities we were able to attend live, such as the 2021 Better Business Summit Awards, team lunches/outings and in-person client and candidate meetings!

Recognising that things won’t always go according to plan (thanks COVID!), we’ve shuffled our mentality to better suit today’s new normal.

A small but growing team, fiercely driven to change the world, one opportunity at a time!

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