Addressing recruiter calls for greater success

Whether you’re a graduate or an active job seeker, chances are you’ve applied for a job online (or several!). But have you considered the next step?

There’s a high chance you’ll be initially dealing with a recruiter.
Consider them your (friendly) gatekeeper. Helping businesses streamline procedures and assisting them to uncover the talent hidden in the sea of online applicants. You going to need to impress them to get to the next stage.

So what do you do when a recruiter calls? How do you set yourself up for greater chance of success?

While it may seem daunting, the process doesn’t need to be stressful! Tune in as Neva shares how you can make a great impression just by following her 4, simple pointers. Feel prepared and stay ahead of the pack while knowing you’re in understanding hands. While a recruiter is there to assess your skills against roles they may have, they’re also there to support you in your journey and to better understand what you want out of a role.

Ask questions, address challenges and let your passion shine through.

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