Why work with a recruiter?

As a specialist recruiter, Erika understands the negative stigma that can sometimes be attached to the recruitment industry. While this stigma has risen from poor practices by others in the past, it is just one of the many reasons Platinum People Group prides itself on standing out from the crowd with integrity, pride, and purpose!

So what is our purpose and role as a recruiter? 

Why, as a candidate searching for your dream job, should you consider aligning with a recruiter?

Tune in as Erika shares some of the top benefits that arise from working with a recruitment specialist and discover why having a relationship with a recruiter can be great!

Perks include:

  • Evaluating your current role with a fresh and educated perspective
  • Gaining access to many incredible job opportunities (that often aren’t listed on job boards)
  • Giving voice to your resume – an advocate for your story, achievements, and skills
  • The gift of time
  • The positives of a forever ally 

Ready to put it to the test? To shift the stigma and embark towards a better career – today? Connect with one of our recruitment consultants and learn how we are different.

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