Your offer process…


So you’ve made an offer? Signed, sealed and complete, right? Unfortunately not! The race isn’t over yet.

Sadly, there are many reasons why some candidates might fall through just before they start. While this can be disheartening or frustrating, we can’t control a candidate’s decision.

We can, however, focus on what is in our control – ourselves!

Things out of our control (once an offer has been made) :


  • A candidate getting another (more appealing or competitive) offer during their notice period
  • A candidate changing their mind due to unforeseen circumstances (like health, family, relocation etc)
  • A police check coming back with a negative result that was previously unshared
  • The current employer making a counteroffer

While not overly common there will be times where despite signing a contract, with the best intentions or interest, a candidate will go back on their word and reject an offer. While this impacts you as a business owner, it’s best to remember that (most of the time) these decisions aren’t made as a reflection on your business but in response to what a candidate believes is in their best interest.

At the end of the day, if it’s meant to be – it’s meant to be!


Things you can control as a recruiter or business (once an offer has been made):


  • Your actions and responses to obstacles that arise
  • Adhering to your recruitment and retainment strategy and processes
  • Your level of commitment, communication and care demonstrated to the candidate post-offer

The best thing you can do as a recruiter, hiring manager or business owner is to stay in contact with the candidate!


From offering to acceptance to day dot (and beyond!), it is important to remain in contact with the candidate. Let them know you’re available to discuss anything they may need and express your excitement about having them join your team.

Staying in communication will help you (and them) understand where their mind is concerning their decision and will allow you to resolve any obstacles that may come up for them along the way.

As a consultant or a manager hiring a candidate, you aim to make the transition from their current job to the new position as comfortable as possible. Changing jobs can be scary sometimes! And fear can easily lead to misplaced doubt or questions about their decision. By staying in communication, you can help address these doubts, challenge any issues, and counter (if applicable) any cross-offers that may arise. Know your limits in advance (how much you’re willing to offer, the flexibility you can offer etc) and have a system ready for anything that may throw a spanner in the works.

While we may not be able to control the candidate’s decision or circumstances, it is within our power to anticipate and accommodate concerns. 

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