Self-Audit your Career in 2023

Ready to ramp up your year professionally in 2023? Tune in as Erika Tan, Senior Recruitment Consultant of Platinum People Group, shares how you can get ahead by performing a self-audit of your career.

Know where you’ve been, where you are and most importantly, where you want to be in your career and create a plan to make it happen. Join in as Erika shares the kind of questions you need to ask yourself and some tips on how to best self-audit your career for maximum outcomes in 2023.

If you’ve felt stagnant after several years of Covid uncertainty, are getting a bad case of FOMO as you watch your peers zoom ahead professionally or are just looking to check in with yourself in the new year – this is the video for you!

Are you looking for a little outsider’s perspective? Book a free, career consultation with one of our specialised recruiters. Say goodbye to the unknown and hello to a brighter career path.

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