Possible warning signs an employee is about to quit

Join Erika as she shares invaluable insight on the warning signs business owners can look for, indicating that an employee may be about to quit.

Retainment in today’s market is a top priority for any business owner. While in some cases an employee’s departure may be inevitable or unrelated to your particular business model, it’s important to keep an eye out for the warning signs to stay proactive. Being aware of the possible approaching resignation is the first step to exploring the scenario further and allows you and the employee time to see if there are issues to resolve or solutions to come to.

Are there things you or your management team could be doing better? Do policies or work culture need to shift? Are your remuneration packages up to date? Are employees feeling valued???

Resignations aren’t the end of the world – but not learning from the process is a wasted opportunity.

Stay on the front foot with these 5 warning signs. Remember an employee’s right to resign isn’t a personal attack and that regardless of the outcome, clear, polite communication is key!

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