Consider yourself a bit of a high achiever? 

There are a lot of qualities that make a good employee great! Culture compatibility, education and skills, and near everything in between play a role in your working status. 

Luckily, these days, to be considered a successful worker is more than who you know or where you went to school. In modern industries, most of everything comes down to who you are as an individual and what you’re willing to learn.

Top 10 Traits of A Successful Worker


Not really a people person? Don’t be deterred by number one on our top traits list. Leadership qualities aren’t limited to just the extraverts! 

A term used to describe those with the ability to take charge when needed. Workers with good leadership skills can approach group projects with the confidence needed to own a project and ‘lead’ the group towards success. 

Leadership is about the ability to process and meet multiple needs. It’s good decision-making skills and the willingness to adapt as needed. Leadship is generally supported by a passion for helping others and respect for teamwork.



If a worker isn’t able to collaborate with the team to achieve a greater goal, the process will be flawed from the start.

Collaboration within a team environment is everything and a worker’s ability to not only accept but embrace this will be well celebrated by any management. 

A collaborative trait comes natural to some, while for others it needs nurturing. Competitiveness is in our DNA but a willingness to learn from and share will breed success time and time again.


The road to success in any field or career is not a straight line. To reach your end goal, you need to be able to pivot when needed and transition your skills across multiple roles.

Where a worker starts in a company and where they want to progress to are often two very different destinations. A strong sense of adaptability and a willingness to compromise are the building blocks to a long and successful career.

It’s important, however, to acknowledge the line between adapting and surrendering. 


Where would any successful business be without a sense of creativity and innovation? 

To innovate is to think outside the box, to create or learn something new. It’s the ability to push past the standard to develop and enhance processes. It’s the creation of something entirely different or a new way of thinking about something that has always been done in a certain way.

Innovative workers bring something to the table consistently for progress, not praise. A trait often buried by fear, innovation is the secret sauce to success!

Cultural Understanding

Understanding culture, in all its forms, to cater to and work with individuals across the board will never be a wasted trait. Ever.

In creating a safe and enjoyable working environment for all, workers with a good sense of cultural understanding are the connectors in any business. Globally, understanding and embracing differences to create unity is one of the highest sought traits.

A strong work culture breeds good retainment and strengthens a business from the inside out.

Critical Thinking

Are you the person everyone turns to in a crisis? Critical thinking is the ability to make informed decisions under pressure and to form new and adaptive solutions as needed.

A critical thinker can use data to leverage success and turn obstacles into stepping stones. A useful trait in any business, the ability to think critically is priceless. Questioning, analysing, interpreting and evaluating information or issues presented to carve the path to success.



Having clear and transparent communication skills will help others understand your intentions and allow you to clearly articulate your expectations. 

Good communication sets the scene and minimises error. When everyone understands where they stand, what the objective is, and what’s expected of them, the following steps are made far easier.

Mistakes are often made through misunderstandings and can lead to wasted time and resources. Making communication an invaluable trait when it comes to success.

Productivity and Accountability

While productivity and accountability are good traits on their own, together, they’re a match made in heaven.

Workers with the ability to work proactively to maintain productivity, while remaining accountable for their actions and decisions, are the epitome of the dream worker bee!

With a ‘head down, bum up’ approach to work, productive and accountable employees are there to get the job done. It’s easy to see that success without productivity and accountability simply doesn’t happen. 

Assessing and Analysing

Another dream team, the ability to assess and analyse is a highly sought-after trait duo in a successful workforce. 

Similar to critical thinking, the ability to assess and analyse lies with detail-orientated workers built for progress. Highly desired for roles that tackle data reviews or the analysation of important documents, workers with this trait shine with an eye for detail.


Business savvy with a go-get-em attitude, workers with the entrepreneurialism spirit are a force to be reckoned with!

While individuals with this trait will occasionally need grounding, their big dream mannerisms inspire creativity and innovation. When paired with a business that knows how to work with this trait, entrepreneurialism in an employee truly is something to be excited about.

Success is in progression. Workers with this trait are all about chasing that next step to progress! Separate from an entrepreneur who wants to go it alone, entrepreneurialism is a trait waiting to be put to good use. Fueling growth within a business or career.


While these traits are broadly recognised as 10 of the top traits of a successful worker, we can not stress enough that they’re not the only traits of a successful employee or that you need to have them all to be great!

Everyone is unique, with their own skills, characteristics and quirks. We all have different ambitions and histories that shape us, and ultimately, ‘success’ will look different to us all.

It’s important to be recognised for your traits and supported on your individual path to success. If you’re on the search for some extra guidance or looking to transition in your career – contact us for a free, no obligations career consultation. Know your worth and let your traits shine!

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