We all have moments of discouragement and frustration. Days when work can seem too much. Or when we feel forgotten or lost in the hustle of it all.

On these kinds of days, a cloud can spread across our work. A fog that skews our perspectives and weighs us down, causing our work ethics and productivity to dip. Overwhelming us in our roles and sometimes even making us doubt our positions/capabilities.

It’s in these moments that it’s important to stop, take a breath and reset.

4 Ways to Reset at Work

1. Remove distractions 

As humans, we can get distracted very easily. Too much stimulation causes our minds to become cluttered and overwhelmed surprisingly fast.

So why not make life a little easier on yourself by removing immediate/known distractions?

Make your workspace a sanctuary of sorts, as a clear space genuinely helps create a clear mind. Limit distractions and help yourself better focus on your work to regain clarity and purpose. 

2. Organise your week 

Sometimes we can feel lost at work or in life. Put yourself back in the driver’s seat by taking the time to plan and schedule your week. Effectively manage your day to day tasks whilst ensuring some extra time is allocated just for you and the things you love. 

While some can struggle with the rigidity of a schedule, even a loose plan or some vague dot points will help you on your way to feeling more productive and in control. 

If you’re still learning how best to map out your work week, start by blocking in the essentials/what has to be done and work from there. Remember, practice makes progress, and every step forwards is a step toward success!

For more tips on how best to map out your day – check out this short video, 4 Morning Tips for A Productive Day

3. Write down your goals 

Occasionally we may begin to feel stagnant or stale at work. Take advantage of these moments by being proactive. Reassess your ambitions and think about your goals. 

Where do you want to be in the next five years? And how will you get there?

This line of thought will help give you a direction from which you can start creating achievable goals and mapping out actionable steps.

If goal setting isn’t your thing or looking too far forward stresses you out – just shrink it down! Ponder – what is it about your current role that’s making you feel stagnant? And what can you do to freshen it up?

Putting pen to paper will get your neurons firing and help to spark some inner creativity. Let loose with it and dream big, then scale it back until you have a goal/s you can actively work towards.


4. Write down your success 

Too often we are so blinded by our expectations and goals that we forget to stop and appreciate our achievements. 

Next time you’re feeling flustered, take some time out of your day and reflect on your successes. Bring yourself back to reality and give yourself some compassion. You’ve worked hard to get where you are and you should be proud of all the steps you’ve achieved along the way! Write them down and put them somewhere easily accessible for the moments you need a self-boost.

Celebrate your wins and your milestones, both individually and within your team. Reset your mind by reflecting before setting your sights forwards. It can often be refreshing, humbling and inspiring.

Looking to embrace a celebratory work culture? We’ve put together this handy resource just for you! How to build a great team culture


While it can be human nature to let ourselves boil over sometimes, the trick is knowing how to hit refresh. Reflect on these tips to reset at work or home. Develop healthy habits of self-encouragement and routine to keep you on track, and always feel free to reach out if you need additional support.

Keen on a complete reset? Contact us to see what opportunities we have available. 


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