A staggering 25% of SMEs find recruitment to be their biggest challenge. And the other 75% still rate it in their top 3! It’s understandable why. Not only does recruitment involve finding and attracting high quality candidates, it also requires a deep understanding of the type of role you need to recruit for.

A lot of brokerages struggle to decide if a mortgage broker or a loan processor will be a more valuable first hire in their business. And beyond that, there are different types of mortgage brokers to consider. Depending on what you need, you’ll need to tweak your recruitment approach.

In this video, our Managing Director Roland helps demystify some of the questions you’ll face when hiring new recruits for your business.

Having worked in the mortgage broking space for over 8.5 years, Roland and the Platinum People Group team have a deep understanding of how successful brokerages operate and grow. Get in touch for a free business consultation.