A Day in the Life of a PPG Recruiter

There is no ‘typical’ day in recruitment as every day is truly diverse! Just one of the many reasons our consultants love what they do.

But if we had to break it down, it would look something like this…

Tune in as Erika and Dat give a rundown of what a day might look like as a PPG recruiter. From the basics like emails to the personal touches like 1:1 catch-ups and training. A day in the life of a PPG recruiter varies greatly every day.

With a focus on development and client/candidate care with the flexibility to plan your days accordingly. Days at Platinum People Group are certainly never dull! Meeting people of all walks of life and helping them in their career or business. A recruiter consultant role is based on a passion for helping others to suceed.

Interested in joining the Platinum People Group team? We’re always looking for people with the right attitude to join our team.

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