In today’s competitive job market, employers are constantly on the lookout for outstanding employees who can make a real difference in their organisations. If you’re seeking exceptional candidates with extraordinary values, attitudes, communication skills, and a can-do mindset, then look no further –

It’s time to discover the power of UMPH!


UMPH is a term we use at PPG to represent those unique individuals who possess the qualities that can propel your business to new heights. These employees are not just competent, but they go above and beyond, showing unwavering commitment, determination, and passion in everything they do. They bring a contagious positive energy to the workplace, inspiring and motivating others around them.


Identifying employees with UMPH can be a game-changer for your organisation. They are the ones who take ownership of their work, are always eager to learn and improve, and are not afraid to take calculated risks. They thrive in challenging situations and find creative solutions to problems. They are excellent communicators, building strong relationships with colleagues, clients, and partners. They are also reliable and dependable, consistently delivering high-quality results.

So, how can you find employees with UMPH? Here are a few strategies to consider:
Look beyond qualifications – While qualifications and experience are important, don’t solely rely on them. Dig deeper into a candidate’s values, attitude, and soft skills. Look for evidence of their passion, drive, and willingness to take initiative.
Conduct behavioural interviews – Ask candidates about their past experiences and how they have demonstrated UMPH in their previous roles. Look for specific examples of their achievements, problem-solving skills, and communication abilities.
Seek referrals – Tap into your network and ask for referrals from trusted sources. Employees with UMPH often associate with like-minded individuals, and referrals can be a great way to identify potential candidates who share similar values and attitudes.
Use psychometric testing – these measure personality traits, work style, and values to identify candidates who align with your organisation’s culture and possess UMPH characteristics.
Offer opportunities for growth – Employees with UMPH are always looking for ways to grow and develop. Provide opportunities for training, mentorship, and advancement to attract and retain these exceptional employees.

In conclusion, don’t underestimate the power of UMPH in your organisation. These exceptional employees can bring a new level of energy, creativity, and productivity to your team. So, if you’re looking for employees with UMPH, give us a call today. Our expert team can help you identify and attract these exceptional candidates who can make a real difference in your business. Unleash the power of UMPH and take your organisation to new heights! – Contact Us.

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