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The Value of Knowing Your Worth

Are you a mortgage broker wondering if you’re being paid what you’re worth? It’s a common concern, and with so many different remuneration models out there, it can be hard to know what’s fair. But don’t worry, there’s help available!

In this video, Roland goes through the ins and outs of mortgage broking remuneration and shares some tips on how to ensure you’re getting paid what you deserve. We believe that remuneration needs to be tailored to an individual’s specific situation and requirements. So we offer a free remuneration review to help you understand if you’re being paid on, above, or potentially below the market. 

Our expert consultants will ask you a series of questions to understand the details of your model, from base salary to incentives to the volume it allows you to write, and then give you comprehensive feedback on how to improve your model and what’s available in the market. 

Don’t settle for less than you’re worth – get in touch with us today to schedule your free remuneration review.

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