Tune in as Roland shares his insightful last 13 years as a specialist recruiter in mortgage broking.

Roland Youakim – A 13-Year Journey in Mortgage Broker Recruitment


In the world of recruitment, Roland Youakim’s journey is a testament to dedication and passion. With over a decade in the industry, Roland’s story is a remarkable one. Starting as an 18-year-old with boundless enthusiasm, Roland’s path was anything but traditional. This article unveils Roland’s 13-year journey in mortgage broker recruitment and how he has grown to become a specialist in the field.

The Early Days – A Leap of Faith

Roland began his recruitment journey fresh out of high school. Despite securing a spot at Swinburne University, he deferred his studies and ventured into the unknown. His first experience with recruitment was unconventional, working for a comedy club. It was here that he discovered his knack for selling, a talent that would later become the cornerstone of his recruitment career.

Diving into the Industry – A Specialist Emerges

After his initial experience, Roland committed himself to recruiting in the financial planning, wealth, and mortgage broking sectors for three and a half years. His dedication and hard work propelled him to new heights, and he eventually found himself working for a global recruitment agency. Here, Roland helped build their mortgage broker recruitment specialisation, setting the stage for his future endeavors.

Becoming a Recognised Expert

During his time at the global recruitment agency, Roland’s commitment and expertise earned him recognition as a top performer. Among 600 recruiters in Australia, he was consistently ranked in the top 20. This recognition underscored his mastery of the recruitment craft and positioned him as an authority in the field.

A Leap of Faith – Paving the Way to Independence

With the experience and expertise he had gained, Roland took the leap to start his own business six years ago. His decision was fuelled by his belief in the power of specialisation. He saw the recruitment landscape cluttered with generalists and recognised an opportunity to become a true specialist in the mortgage broking industry.

Roland’s Dedication to Empowerment

Roland’s journey has always been marked by a passion for helping others. He’s a firm believer in the transformative impact of the right career move, a well-deserved pay rise, and the development of critical skills. For small business owners, he understands the challenges of recruitment and is dedicated to helping them get it right. Roland’s mission is to empower people in their careers and help businesses thrive through exceptional recruitment.

Conclusion – A Remarkable 13-Year Odyssey

In just under two minutes, Roland Youakim takes us through his incredible 13-year journey in mortgage broker recruitment. It’s a story of dedication, perseverance, and passion, and it underscores the incredible heights one can achieve in their career. Roland’s journey is far from over, and he remains dedicated to empowering individuals and businesses to reach their full potential.

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