In a world where everyone should have the opportunity to live a happy, healthy, and safe life, the unfortunate reality is that violence against women and children continues to be a major global public health problem and a violation of human rights. The past couple of years have seen these issues escalate, making it more crucial than ever to take a stand.

At Platinum People Group, we are dedicated to creating a safer world for women and children, which is why we’re excited to share an important initiative with you. Our Managing Director, Roland Youakim, is participating in the Polished Man campaign, a movement that aims to end violence against women and children globally.

Why Polished Man?

The statistics are sobering. Around 95% of all victims of violence experience it at the hands of a male perpetrator. Approximately 4 in 5 family and domestic violence offenders are male, and more than 1 in 3 Australians have experienced violence by a male perpetrator since their 15th birthday.

Polished Man recognises that while most men do not use violence against women and children and find it unacceptable, many stand by and do little to prevent it, allowing it to continue. This is why the Polished Man campaign encourages men to step up, speak out, and take a stand against violence. Men play a crucial role in helping to stop violence against women and children, both as caregivers and as leaders.

But it’s not just about men. Polished Man empowers everyone to be part of the solution because we believe that collectively, we can make a significant impact on these global issues. We want as many hands (and nails) as possible to help tackle the problem, ensuring that no woman or child has to live with violence.

How Can You Help?

Roland’s involvement in the Polished Man campaign is both symbolic and impactful. In October, he will paint one nail blue to spark conversations, raise awareness, and gather funds for this crucial cause. You can support Roland and the campaign by making a donation to his Polished Man campaign. Every contribution, no matter how big or small, counts, and together, we can work towards a safer world.

Where Your Donation Goes:

Your donation will support two essential aspects of ending violence against women and children:

Trauma Prevention: Funds will support programs that aim to prevent violence before it occurs, focusing on income and economic strengthening. This strategy has been shown to reduce domestic and family violence significantly.

Trauma Recovery: Additionally, your contribution will aid trauma recovery programs that help survivors heal and shape their own futures.

By supporting Roland’s Polished Man campaign, you’re contributing to these vital initiatives and helping to create a safer world for women and children.

Get Involved Today:

To donate or learn more about Roland’s Polished Man campaign, please click here or contact us.

Thank you for your support, and together, we can make a positive difference in the world.

At Platinum People Group, we are committed to making a meaningful impact not only in the mortgage broking industry but also in the lives of those who need it most. Join us in supporting Roland’s Polished Man campaign, and let’s work together to create a safer and more just world for all.

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