The first few weeks or months of any new job are often uncomfortable. Properly adjusting to new responsibilities and work environments can take some time. 

Whether you’re new to the industry or as experienced as they come – the transition is often daunting! With immense information to onboard, new names to learn and process to adapt. Adjusting to a new role or position can be a lot to undertake.

Take some of the stress out of the process with these simple yet effective tips.

Tips to help you settle into a new role 

Anticipate challenges

Let go of expectations and embrace the journey by fully accepting the changes, bumps and learning curves ahead!

Anticipating these changes and challenges will help your transition into the new organisation or role be much smoother. Account for obstacles in advance to make their unavoidable presence less daunting and to help you feel more in control.

Be prepared to feel unprepared, and look at every change as a new opportunity. 

Reach out to your co-workers 

It’s nice to feel connected to those you work alongside. 

So the sooner you start building relationships with your new teammates, the sooner you’ll feel more comfortable in your new role and company!

It’s human nature to crave acceptance, and your colleagues are there to lean on. Their role is to assist you – ask them questions when you’re unsure or if you’d like to join in. 

Remember, you don’t have to wait until they make a move. Break the ice by shouting a round of coffee and embracing opportunities to get to know your team.

Get to know your new boss

Discover how management likes things to be done and how they operate. Learn to know your boss/es and identify their expectations.

Knowing how things are done and what’s expected of the team will allow you to settle into the role quicker. You’ll feel more confident progressing once you know what the standards are. 

Set yourself up to succeed and exceed in your new. Learn how management likes things to run and mimic tried and tested success.

Ask questions (and then ask some more!)

Don’t shy away from asking questions, especially when you’re new and learning the foundations.

Questions are how you learn, no one will begrudge that. Just ensure you listen to the answers and learn from the wisdom shared! It’s ok to ask questions but avoid asking the same query on repeat. 

Most people would prefer you to ask questions when you are unsure than for you to complete work without fully understanding what you’re doing.

Document responses and ensure you fully understand what you’ve heard before moving on to avoid frustration in future.

Embrace change

While joining a new company can be daunting, try your best to embrace it!

Learn as much as you can and keep a positive attitude. The knowledge and comfort of the role will come in time. Enjoy the journey and welcome the opportunity to do something new. Change and development go hand in hand.

The average person spends 1/3 of their life working. Ensure that time is spent well by investing in doing something you love within a role and company that is mutually beneficial.

Adjusting to a new role can sometimes take a bit of time. Look at it as short-term pain (or mild social discomfort/learning curve) for long-term gain (a rewarding career). For more tips on getting the most out of a new role, check out our article; kickstart your career plan.


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